Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Royal Evening

Friday night, we went to a Royal Wedding Party. Picture this.

All the expats watching the ceremony
Our view of the screen
Made up in fancy clothes, surrounded by westerners- some dressed in bridal gowns, watching a wedding that's taking place in England, listening to a preacher talk about Jesus to a bunch of royalty... while sitting in the middle of dance club in China.

Super random. And totally memorable.

The girls and Vince
One of my new Chinese friends joined me for the party. So it was me, my 10 girlfriends and him. He leaned over at one point and said, "Jennifer, do you have any guy friends?" I kind of laughed and explained that yes, I do, but that they didn't really want to come.
This was his first real outing with Westerners. He was super nervous about his outfit. He had to borrow both a suit jacket and tie. And he had no idea how to hold a glass of wine (his very first). He decided that he didn't like it. It was  "too strong" and made him hot, I think.

Free Champagne...that went mostly undrunk.

After the ceremony, a few of us went to dinner at a really nice Italian restaurant. Even though we had to wait an hour for our food (got free champagne) and sit in a smoke-filled room from burnt food, it was delicious and well worth the wait.

Looking good Karen

Then a couple of us went to a restaurant in town where some of our friends play in the band there (also on my worship team). Great live music. Man, they are SO daggon' talented.

Walking the red carpet

It was such a great night with friends and fanciness.

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Karen said...

super fantastic... it was a fun night! and quite the collision of worlds...

and thank you for the compliment ;)