Sunday, May 1, 2011

New Pet...ish

I've got a new pet. He's a sweet little guy. Furry, light gray, squeaks. And he's low maintenance. No poop to clean up, no food to buy, no water to refill. 

He's really quite ideal. I don't have to find anyone to pet-sit when I travel, I can just take him with me. He never gets sick, he's so very obedient, he balances out eating, sleeping and playing. He's attentive to me. Whenever I drag my little arrow over his cage, he peps right up.

 Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I've got a digital hamster.

Sweet Little Hamster Eating

Sweet Little Hamster Drinking

Sweet Little Hamster Running

Sweet Little Hamster Sleeping

He's very low maintenance...and very high guilt. Let me explain. I use iGoogle. It's supposed to work with your iPod interactively. Not really sure how since I don't have an iPod anymore but I like to pretend like I do. Anyway, you can upload gadgets to your page...

I have games and weather and news and email and chat...and my digital hamster.I live my entire online life around him. My hamster's iGoogle page is always open. I'm constantly checking to see if he's awake and needs food. See? Just checked. I hate to accidentally let my mouse drift over him if he's sleeping because it'll wake him up. And the idea of closing down my computer...let's just say it makes me think twice.

It's like living your life around a real pet except it's not. It's much lamer. 

Sweet Little Hamster Slathering on the Guilt

So, since he's playing such a major role in my life, I figure I should name him. Something really witty and awesome.


Help me name my digital-I-can't-not-obsess-over-him-control-my-life-hamster (that I really want to call hamPster because that's how I always thought the word was spelled until this very post).

And don't even try to judge me. I'm judging myself enough for all of us. I promise.


Karen said...

i love that every caption starts with "sweet little hamster..."

Jeremy said...

I think you should name him "Mr. T"

"I pity the fool who doesn't feed me!"

Abs said...

Out. Of. Control.

Anonymous said...

I think Roy would be a good name. Mom