Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hong Kong Trip

During the 4th quarter of every school year, the entire middle school/high school goes on a week long trip to somewhere in China. Each grade goes to a different place so that by the time our students graduate, they've been all over the country. The coveted trip for many of the teachers is the senior trip to Hong Kong. Guess who got to go? That's right baby, partay in HK for a week.

After 13 hours of travel including buses, trains, subways, planes and a lot of walking, we arrive in Hong Kong last Sunday night. The kids (and some of the adults) were real troopers.

Monday included Ocean Park (think Disney meets zoo) in the rain, a cancelled group dinner at California Pizza Kitchen and shopping at the Ladies' Market. And a lot of walking. This sounds bad but the rain allowed for me to read and rest, the cancelled dinner worked out that it was just the adults and no waiting to seat a group of 27 and the shopping well, it was quick and painless.

Tuesday and Wednesday we worked at a place called Crossroads. It's a non-profit organization that basically meets people-in-need needs. They collect food, clothing, computers, furniture, etc and take it to people in places like Haiti and Ghana and China. They also host simulations for people to better understand what it's like to be a refugee or blind or impoverished. Super impactful. Super cool.

Thursday we went to Lantau Island by ferry, saw the largest sitting Buddha, shopped, played games, and then took the cable car back to the main island. We also went to Pirates of the Caribbean and had Outback (wahoooo!!!!) for dinner. I love steak.

Friday, it was beach in the morning and then 12 hours of travel back to Qingdao.

It was an exhaustingly fabulous week. The kids were great, full of jokes and a few pranks. The other teachers were willing to do whatever needed to be done. I got to play "Clue", watch a 3D movie, travel in all types of mass transit, each delicious food, sweat my brains out, make breakfast for my girls, pretend like I was blind and poor, go to bed late, get up early, get a sunburn, make new friends, take cold showers, live without internet, walk a lot, spend lots of money, and have an all around great time.

See pics below...

While I was gone, my friends back at home got a little ridiculous and awesome. They created this video for me. You MUST watch it.



Anonymous said...

It sounds like a wonderfully great time. I enjoyed the pictures of you with the heads of state. How did they all come to be in Hong Kong???!!? And standing right by you? And showing lots of teeth? Hope everything is good for the last couple of weeks of school. I'm sure you have lots to do. We'll be seeing you in less than two weeks now. Yay!! Love, Mom

Jen said...

It's amazing that they were all there at the same time, wasn't it? :)

My last full day of class is tomorrow and then exams start on Thursday. It's going too fast and not fast enough all at the same time.

Anonymous said...

That's what time travel is all about!! Mom

Anonymous said...

I couldn't see the video earlier. It's good. I liked it. Mom