Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bullet Points #3

  • I had a weird dream last night that's made me feel funny all day. Something I just can't shake. Hopefully a good night's sleep will help.
  • We have 18 days of school left but only 7 days of real classes. The rest are trip and exam days.
  • I leave for Hong Kong on Sunday for a school trip. I'm chaperoning the senior class. Should be...exhausting.
  • I'll be in Colorado in 3.5 weeks.
  • My World History students are doing a Genghis Khan (my obsession) trial tomorrow. Should be interesting. 
  • It's been rather rainy the last few days. Good because we need the rain but really inconvenient when you walk so much.
  • I'm in love with dried kiwi. 
  • We are celebrating Cinco de Mayo tomorrow. Because that's how we roll.
  • I'm reading A Wrinkle In Time. For the second time. But it must've not really made an impression on me because it took me halfway through the book before I remembered that I'd read it.
  • I'm still praying about a car for the summer. I'd like to drive all over the country so I can have the freedom to come and go as I please but I don't own a vehicle. I'm praying that God'll provide something cheap and reliable. 
  • I bought 17 movies today for about $3.50. People are moving away and selling all their stuff. Yay for the stuff-selling. Boo on the leaving.
  • The teachers are in charge of assembly tomorrow. I'm leading the singing. I love leading teens in worship.
That is all.


    Anonymous said...

    Was Ghengis convicted? Just FYI: We looked at three cars today. There's one that is a possibility, but we are going to try to see a few more. Keep praying for the right one. Mom

    Jen said...

    He wasn't convicted. The jury felt he was justified in his brutality. It was a great activity.

    Yay about the cars. I'm praying that a good one will be found.