Wednesday, May 25, 2011

No Place Like Home

I have a wonderful family to see. Two lovely dogs to play with. A bunch of incredible friends all over the country who can't wait to see me (right????). But I don't feel like I'm really going "home".

When people ask me "Where's home?", I never know what to tell them (such a TCK response). 

I've lived in Colorado for several years of my life and that's where my family is, but I haven't actually resided there since I was 18. And my parents have moved several times since I've moved out so I don't really have a "place" I can call my own (not that my parents don't provide for me, they SO understand right?). And as for Florida, I lived there for a few years right before I moved here, my church is there, many of my friends are there, but it's been two years. Can I still claim it? I mean, I don't really call myself a Floridian...

I've always been a little nomadic. As I was growing up, my family moved a lot, living in several different parts of the country and even more houses. And as an adult, I've moved quite a few times too- countries, states, and houses. I honestly can't imagine what it would be like to stay in one place for a long time.

I suppose because my job is here, my house is here, my ministry is home is China. That feels a little strange as it comes out of my mouth but at the same time, fills me with happiness. China is home. I'm glad that I can live in this semi-uncomfortable place, with it's strange language and sometimes stranger culture, a place where I most definitely DO NOT fit in, and am able to call it home. 

I hope this means that no matter where I live, whether it's in a great big city or the country-side, an apartment or a dorm room, America or Zimbabwe, that I'll always be able to call it "home". Because it's not really about a location is it? It's about tying yourself to where ever God had placed you. Taking ownership of the job, house, relationships He's put in your life. Finding contentment regardless of situation or circumstance. Digging in and taking root.

So, as I travel through the country I was born and raised in, I'm praying that it will feel like home again for two months. That I will feel tied to that land and those people. That I will  be able to feel comfortable and well rested regardless of the bed or the house or the city that I'm in.

That at the end of a lovely summer, I will be able to return to China, and it will still feel like home. 

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Katrina Custer said...

Praying for you, you TCK-A!