About Me

I am a daughter and sister, from a lovely family.
I teach high school students, they are the most fun.
I sing almost constantly, oh if I could only live in a musical.
I feel things very deeply, you might never know it.
I enjoy a good book, Jane Austen is my favorite.
I work at an international school, history teacher.
I lead worship at my fellowship, a great big challenge.
I get to travel the world, Krakow and Cairo are my favorites.
I serve a big God, ever faithful and loving.
I live in a foreign country, for two years now.
I love to laugh, loud and long.
I am horrible at learning new languages, Chinese specifically.
I coach volleyball, JV mostly.
I thrive on meeting new people, building relationships is key.

 Vienna, Austria

 Nile River, Cairo, Egypt

 Singapore Zoo, Singapore