Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dear Mom, (Part 1)

Remember that one time you gave birth to me and then I thanked you by moving half way across the world? Yah, I'm known for my thoughtfulness.

Remember those other 30 years of life when I gave you lovely gifts to celebrate your motheringness? Well this year, instead of wasting money on beautiful bouquets of flowers or delicious cookie baskets, I decided to make you something. A digital something. Well, I guess it could be a tangible gift but that would require you to print it. And then it becomes more of a gift to yourself, from yourself since you're the one printing it.  


Here it is....

Mother Montage

Awesome, no? Oh. No. Okay, I'll be home in 3 weeks and 5 days. I can print the montage and give it to you. It'll be like a real gift then.

Your non-gift-giving daughter,


Anonymous said...

You are the only gift I want. (And maybe a $1000!) And I want to see you soon, so I'll get that gift too. Thanks for the great montage. Although I don't always love my personal raving beautifulness in pictures. I think I'm more beautiful in person...and less raving. You are a wonderful daughter. Thanks for being you. I've enjoyed the pictures and comments this week.

Yo Momma

Kay Day said...

In one of those pictures, your mom looks like her mom.
I think it's a fabulous gift, Jen. You're mom is blessed.