Thursday, August 18, 2011

To a New Year...

I'm almost done with my first real week of teaching and I haven't really even mentioned it yet. So, here goes.
  • I like my schedule. 
  • I'm happy about the re-vamping of my Model United Nations program.
  • The teachers' lounge is as awesome as it's always been. Maybe even awesomer. Yes, awesomer.
  • Technology has been the bane of my existence for the last two weeks. Arg.
  • I'm coaching volleyball again. Yay!
  • My classroom has new tables (desks).
  • I'm drinking coffee like it's going out of style.
School is good.
In all seriousness, I'm happy about the next nine months. They feel full of possibility.I've decided to be more purposeful in my teaching this year. I plan to sit down and write a list of professional goals to accomplish by May. Over the last two years, I've learned so much and really been forced to be a better teacher just because of circumstances. But now that I'm past "survival mode", I feel like I can choose how and where I want to improve. It's exciting really. 

Hm, I feel like there's an epiphany coming soon about how I might really enjoy teaching if I'd ever stay in one place long enough...bleh...that's for another post.

As the days pass, the more excited I become to be back in school, teaching, planning for trips and conferences, coaching volleyball, preparing for Vida and fall camps, training new student leaders. 

Ya, I foresee a great year in front of me. One of growth and fun and new relationships with both students and staff.

Let's get 'er done.

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Anonymous said...

So happy that you're happy and enjoying it all. I loved teaching. It's the best thing I ever did besides raising my children. Hope the days are filled with more joy and satisfaction. Love, Mom