Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Embracing the Suck

I heard a phrase in the teacher's lounge today (one of my favorite places on earth) and decided to use it. The guy who was explaining it to me was saying that when he was a soldier in the army, he learned to do this when he was marching. Hot and sweaty and muddy...it had the potential to be miserable. So instead, he would try to get as hot and sweaty and muddy as possible. He called it, "Embracing the suck".

I literally haven't seen the sun full-on since leaving Colorado. It's seems all I've ever know is the foggy, misty, cloudy, all-consuming gray. It's hot and muggy, sweat pours at all times, day or night.

I'm going to try and embrace the suck. See? I even took a picture to prove that I'm appreciating the beauty of all the shades of haze. And then played around with the coloring...also involves appreciating...

Haze- There's a whole city out there somewhere.



I'm trying to come up with other ways (besides picture taking) to enjoy the really stinky weather we're having (and predicted to have for the next week...or the rest of my life). 

Puddle jumping? Fancy new umbrella? Sweat bandana that can double as a neck scarf?

Yep, That's all I can come up with.

New motto: Embrace the Suck.


Patrick Richards said...

"Sweat bandana that can double as a neck scarf?" That's awesome! Thanks for the encouragement.

Kay Day said...

What about those cute rain boots with flowers and what-not on them?
I like the umbrella idea. You should start a collection.
Or start a new/old trend of wearing sweatbands.
Have a contest to see who has the biggest pit stains.
Compare deodorant functionality and give a prize to the loser.

Jeremy said...

The bandanna calls your name... don't be coy.

Stephanie Melachrinos said...

my philosophy is a little different. let's call it "celebrate the sun." i can think of quite a few instances of seeing the sun since you're been back, but that's because i've made a specific point of noticing it, chatting with someone about it, or being out in it as much as possible. how about a walk to carrefour to soak up some rays? maybe not full-on sun like you're talking about, but definitely days without the misty, cloudy, all-consuming gray, or even just breaks in the days. and i celebrate each one, because it might be a whole week before i see that much sun again.

but, a fun umbrella is a great way to lighten the mood on these foggy days!