Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Same Old Same Old

I have the same classes. The same classroom. The same school. The same job. The same house. The same non-roommate. The same fellowship. The same city. The same routines. A lot of the same.

And I love it. Since graduating from college, this is the first year ever that I'm not dealing with some major change in my life, i.e. new house, new job, new roommate, new city, new country.

It makes me happy to be surrounded by the comfortable and known in my immediate circle of life. That in and of itself is new. And I plan to cherish it. 

But I also plan to push myself to do new. Start new ministry and build new friendships.I find when I stay in my comfort zone for too long, life begins to stagnate. I retreat inside of myself and become more self-centered and less aware of those around me. And that's not why I moved here, to live a life completely about me. I moved here to be used in my community. I'm asking that I would be made aware of just what that means and that I would be willing to do it, whatever that "it" is. 

I love the old but bring on the new!


Jeremy said...

Funny how that works isn't it? When things are new and uncomfortable we are willing to leap and run and scrounge and search for ways God can use us. And then once we get a routine it slowly becomes more about us.

I hope to do the same as you. :D

Christine said...

good thoughts... I'm proud of you. Wishing just a little I was part of all the "sameness"!! Miss you!

Jen said...

Christine, I wish you were too. And yet, I kind of wish I was doing new stuff like you are. New is always an adventure.

Jeremy, haole.