Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Compliment

After several exhausting days and questions about how our students would be affected, the thought of going to school on Monday was a little overwhelming. It was a good day, the students are doing well, thinking about deep things, working through their theology, enjoying the present.

So, in my World History class yesterday, we were supposed to have a quiz. I honestly didn't feel like teaching and the students, like always, didn't feel like working. But I had a plan, we had a lot to do, I was prepared, there was no getting around it. We spent the first several minutes praying and talking and just taking some time to shift our minds into learning. Right as I'm getting ready to have them put their stuff away for the quiz....

Student: "Miss Brown, do we have to take the quiz?"

Me: "Yes, of course you do."

Student: "But...maybe...well...er...what about open note...mumbling..."

Me: "You have to take the quiz. You had five days to study for it."

Student: "But, um, well, and I hope it's okay to say this...you're SO BEAUTIFUL."

Those were not the words I was expecting to come out of his mouth. I laughed long and hard. And then I let them take an open-note quiz. He was high-fived and I was cheered for. A great moment all around.

Yay for the little things.


Kayla said...

I. LOVE. this. Who was it? That class has some amazing kids in it! Miss them (and you)!

Katrina Custer said...

That's fantastic! Bribery always works.

Anonymous said...

Your response was great. Good teaching moment for things not necessarily academic. Mom