Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bullet Points #1

  • We started the 4th quarter this week. 4th quarter!!! I can't believe how quickly time passes.
  • I don't feel like blogging but I'm trying not to lose steam so I'm making myself do these bullet point things. Less wit required.
  • There's a salt scarcity in China right now. Apparently, it's a common belief that table salt can save you from radiation. And it can. If you can eat 80 tablespoons of it. Which in and of itself would kill you first. But regardless of that last little tid bit of information, all salt has been purchased off of every shelf in every store. Seriously. I'm just hoping that parents AREN'T stuffing their kids full of it. Seriously.
  • I've had three parties at school this week. Why? Um, well the official reason is because we're celebrating that we're done with all our traveling. The unofficial? There is no reason; we just wanted to have a party. Just don't tell my boss.
  • I scrambled 3 dozen eggs this morning for one of those parties.
  • Spring break is in a week or so, next next week actually. I have my first house guest coming. She's a friend from here in China. I'm super excited.
  • I've heard gas is supposed to be $5 a gallon in America this summer. How in the world am I supposed to travel all over the country with that kind of expense? Arg.
  • The "great firewall" has been super great these last few weeks. It's been extremely difficult to access the most popular western websites. News, fb, blogs, social media...all of it's been blocked off and on for days. We're assuming it's due to the stuff happening in the middle of the world.

That is all.

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