Saturday, March 31, 2012

Photo Update

Here are a few photos from the last several months of life. Also, I've discovered a new online website that lets me play with special effects. Love it.

Friends at a conference in Beijing- Fall 2011     
Jeremy's last night in Qingdao: our very best Baman and Piderman poses- November 2011

Winter Ball...somehow I got pushed to the back- December 2011
We went for a walk during Christmas vacation...a 5 mile walk...we were quite exhausted by the end- January 2011
Mustache Bash- February 2012

The whole mustached group- February 2012
We had a murder mystery night. I was Frenchie...a boy. I have no talents for accents so I just kept yelling "Sucre Bleu!" all night- March 2012
"Frenchie and Paris"- Murder Mystery Night- 2012
We were matchy-matchy inverts of each other. Totally picture worthy- March 2012


Karen said...

i heart you... for multiple reasons, but some are pictured here ;)

Paula said...

Good times. Good friends. Good pictures. Mom