Saturday, March 31, 2012

I Wish Adult Nap-time Existed...

I need a nap. Like a three day nap.

I've been a really pathetic version of myself today. Well, this week...actually, for the last two months. I haven't gotten a lot of good sleep or good rest since sometime in February...maybe even January. Sometimes, I'm able to get it together and be the normal me, but most of the time, when school's finished for the day, I'm D-O-N-E. Stick a fork in me. For real.

The problem is, my social life happens after school.  So, I go from being in a job that requires almost all of my energy to be moderately successful during the day to then go and hang out with people that I want to spend my energy on but have very little left to give. This usually manifests itself in a quieter, sleepy version (some might say grumpy or less patient, but you won't hear those words out of my mouth) of me. Borrrrriiiiing.

Weekends (I've got it down to a time period- Saturday and Sunday, seriously) are the worst for this bratty version of myself . Especially if I'm coming off of a hard week at work. And this last week (uh, month...two months) was hard. Crazy busy, super stressful. Emotionally and physically exhausting. And of course I've got two surprise parties, bible study, game night, special lunches, and a breakfast to attend this weekend. All lovely things that I'm so glad to be invited to.

And all an opportunity to show off this disaster that I am.

Oh these poor people.

I say all that to tell you...


I have lots of work to do and some plans made but I'm hoping to take some time, a day or two, and hole up in my house. I plan to not take a shower (don't judge), eat home-made food (haven't cooked in my own house in at least a month), watch a bazillion movies, take naps, write, read and anything else that allows for a lot of laziness and lack of movement.

Okay, I'm off to my Filipino friend's home to play some Mexican Train (dominoes) and eat delicious Indian food. Be jealous. Be very jealous.

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Paula said...

Busy, busy. It all sounds fun. I wish I could do just some of this fun. I don't have anything going on and I don't have much energy. Oh well. I hope you are feeling better and that you actually get to do some of this. I hope you have wonderful Easter services. It's 4:00pm here so you must be getting ready for church now--if you feel up to it.

We love you.