Friday, June 10, 2011

Things To Note

  • I hate the television. I just can't bring myself to sit and watch anything these days. Maybe it's because I've lived without a TV for two years.
  • While I enjoy the freedom of being able to drive, it wasn't as magical as I thought it would be. Something interesting though...even though it's been two years since I've driven my Honda, I still try to grab for the gear shift where it would be instead of where it is in the car I'm driving now. Weird.
  • Oh how I heart Cadbury eggs. My good mother saved me a bunch from Easter.
  • Colorado= the best version of my hair. 
  • I love having a dog around. Two is even better. Especially when they love to cuddle.
  • Carpet makes me happy. Really, really happy.
  • My mother cooked breakfast for me this morning. It's been years since someone's made breakfast for me. It was lovely. Green chili on my eggs made it even lovelier.
  • I miss Starbucks. I will be going later today to get my fix. Well half-fix. Coffee's only part of it. The other would require Team Awesome to be there. But since we're spread all over the US, China and soon to be Korea, I suppose I'll just have to drink a double and suck it up.
  • We head to a cabin in the mountains tomorrow. Bring on the fishing poles baby! 
  • I've missed dishwashers, garbage disposals, labels written in English, good shampoo, buying clothes, shoes that fit, darkness at 5am and just a short walk to my air-conditioned car. 


Jill said...

Your mom is the best. I am so glad you are enjoying your time with your family. Love you, friend.

Christine said...

a. I hate TV too. My parents even got cable for the first time in their lives and that just makes me hate it 1400 channels more.

b. Colorado= the best version of EVERYbody's hair! But yours looks good here too... esp with those fabulously straightened bangs. Indiana= same as Qingdao purple frizz for me:)

c. dishwasher, labels, shampoos, clothes and shoes, ditto ditto ditto.

Miss you and glad you are enjoying your home and peeps!

Jen said...

Christine, I've never seen you with purple frizzy hair (wish I had) so I won't believe it until I see it.

And clothes and shoes go unsaid because it's so a given.

Miss you too friend! Enjoy Wonderland.

Jill, my mom is the best. Thanks friend. :)

Kay Day said...

Oh, well, if you're going to a cabin, that's different.
When you said camping, I thought tents and squatting. And I was trying to picture your folks enjoying that.