Saturday, June 18, 2011

Friends Are Fuuuuurever!

I've been in America for almost two weeks now. I've spent a lot of time with the parentals and brother, spent way too much money, learned how to drive again, finally adjusted to the time change, and eaten some really good food. So far, so good.

The rest of my summer will be filled with friends and family and driving and awesomeness. Next week, I leave for a month long road trip, driving all over the US- Indiana, Ohio, Virginia, Florida, Tennessee and Oklahoma. And maybe a few unplanned stops along the way.

This weekend, I'm in southern Colorado to see extended family and friends. Friends from high school. High school!!! I graduated over a decade ago (barf!) and in fact, I've lived away from here much longer than I actually lived here, and yet, every year or couple of years, we all get together to catch up on each others' lives. We meet new husbands and babies, hear about new jobs and moves, and spend a lot of time reminiscing. 

We met in the middle of my 5th grade year, went to middle school and high school together, summer and winter camps together, to the same youth group, on the same M trips. We vacationed together, lived at each other's houses, endured funerals and celebrated weddings. We've supported each other through parents getting divorced, getting remarried, and well, being straight-up crazy. We've taken road trips together (New Mexico?), been in car accidents (including my month of popping tires) together, gotten pulled over together.  

They've made me laughed harder than I ever have, cry harder than I ever have, given me some of my very best memories (breaking out into "You've Lost that Loving Feeling" in the middle of class) and some of my very worst. 

I am grateful that after 13 years, I can still call these people my friends. I am excited to see them, to catch up again, to spend some time getting reacquainted and a lot of time laughing at the good old days. 

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Anonymous said...

Awwww, brought a little tear to m eyes!! I love you Jennie-bennie-pooh-bear!