Monday, October 5, 2009

30 and Counting

Today is my 30th birthday. Thirty. Three-zero. Good thing I look like a twelve year old. Literally. Last summer I had a salesman come to my door and ask if my parents were home. After, telling him several times that it was my house, he said, "Oh, you just look so young. Like, 12 years old young." I wanted to scratch his eyes out. Instead, I politely slammed the door in his face.

Anyway, I've been looking back over the past three decades and I thought I would list thirty things/facts about myself that you may or may not know about me. If you don't care to bored out of your mind, stop reading now. If you want to get to know me better in a slightly disturbing way, keep reading!

  1. I don't like the different foods on my plate to touch if they're of differing flavors. In other words, I don't mind most salty things to touch like corn and mashed potatoes but I don't want salty and sweet things to touch like olives and sweet potato pie...can you tell I'm already dreaming of Thanksgiving dinner?
  2. I've know my Father for over 25 years. I was just thinking about that today. That's a really long time. Am I really where I should be in a 25 year relationship?
  3. Two things I look at on a man are his hands and his forehead. I know, strange. But if a guy has nice hands and/or a good forehead, rrrrrrrrrr!
  4. I'm debating cutting my hair.
  5. Out of most of the places I've lived, I've lived there twice. Colorado, twice. Indiana, twice. Florida, twice.
  6. I love the color red. And teal.
  7. I'm like a tornado in my sleep. Many times I wake up in the middle of the night completely bound by my clothes that are twisted all the way around because I roll around so much. Sometimes, I actually have to get up out of bed to readjust before I can go back to sleep. OCD?
  8. I am surrounded by about 4 tubes of carmex (lipbalm) as I type this. Can you say "addiction"?
  9. I never thought I'd say this but...I miss south Florida. As in the actual place. Of course I miss the people, but I'm talking the actual area. That, my friends, is proof that He really does work miracles.
  10. On the other hand, I haven't been homesick much. I love China. I miss the freedom of having a car but besides that, it's all good.
  11. 21 is my favorite numer. My second favorite is 12.
  12. I've watched the entire 10 seasons of "Friends" since I've been here. It's kept me sane and helped me procrastinate all at the same time. Yes, I've also managed to keep a pretty busy social life.
  13. We did karaoke for my birthday this weekend, it's fantastic. Nothing like karaoke in the states. We had a private room, chose all our own songs, had a couple of mics. People danced, there were group songs. It was amazing.
  14. I love Diet Coke.
  15. Red (any variation) is the only color I will paint my toenails.
  16. I love eating with chopsticks. In fact, even when I go back to the States to visit, I think I'll have to eat everything with chopsticks. It just makes eating so much more fun.
  17. I miss being in college sometimes. And the friends I had there.
  18. I have about 50 words in my Chinese repertoire.
  19. I hate the smell of vanilla candles.
  20. I have clock in my room but the ticking is so loud that I took the batteries out. It's still up on my wall but just for decoration. I know, it makes no sense.
  21. One time when I was on a traveling group for my college, while in the van on a very long drive to our next stop, one of the other team members and I spent hours coming up with names of border towns. You know, like Texoma or Mexicali...Colsas (Colorado-Kansas)...literally hours.
  22. I did some serious exploring today and found this magical place that reminded me a lot of home. Except for all the staring, at me of course.
  23. I can't wait for fall to come, if it ever comes. I need red and orange leaves in my life.
  24. I had a dream about a friend from high school last night. Where in the world did that come from?
  25. I rarely ever iron. I'm all about the spray bottle pat down.
  26. Can you tell I'm getting desperate? It's past my bedtime and this is taking so long.
  27. I helped lead worship at fellowship on Sunday. I'm so excited to get involved. It's been too long.
  28. Have I ever mentioned that you have to have your passport to go to fellowship?
  29. I have no idea how I was able to function so long without a laptop. Seriously, how was I able to live before l.w.l. (life with laptop)?
  30. I am living one of my dreams by the age of 30, living and working in China. Not many people can say that. He has been so faithful to me.


Momstheword said...
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Momstheword said...

Oops sorry about that. I used a "bad word". I'm glad you're having such a good time, it means you're where you need to be. You might have a sleep disorder if you toss and turn all night. Do you feel tired all of the time from rolling around all night? :) Keep safe and do well. Love ya.

Anonymous said...

Sent an e-mail for your HAPPY,HAPPY,HAPPY BIRTHDAY,but was returned.
Love your blog and pictures.
Are you living on the edge???
Hope you had a wonderful day for your birthday.

pummelo said...

hey jen,

being also in a new country..

i understand #10!!

#22, what type of place is this?

happy birthday!

miss you. take care!


Anonymous said...


I don't know if you'll look back at your blog and read this. I'm sorry it's been so long since I have looked at your blog. I loved reading your 30's list. I didn't know all of that stuff. I'm glod you had a good birthday. We love and miss you.

Love, Mom

pwdrd donuts said...

30!!! happy birthday late. Just saw this today. I must start blogging again soon. No doubt the karaoke went like this, "holy crap... i didn't know you could do that... do another... let me pick one for you... do I will survive!"

C'mon - you rule at the mic!

Miss ya - come back to us... in time.


pwdrd donuts said...

Oh, and I officially changed the name of your blog on my blog list to "Maiden in China." C'mon, you gotta admit this is much better.

Julie said...

Happy Birthday! I really understand the 21/12 thing. my fav thing is when the clock reads-12:34, 1:13, and etc. We are both all kinds of silly. Also glad that you are having a great time. I don't know why people would stare at you, your just as sweet as can be!!! :)