Thursday, August 19, 2010

School It Up

I'm almost finished with my first full week of school. I can already tell it's going to be a fantastic year despite the fact that I've already given out two detentions. Yes, I'm THAT teacher.
Anyway, my excitement over the year is building. Seems strange since school's already started, but it's true. The more time I spend with my students, the more lesson plans I create, the more team teaching I do, the more travel plans I make, the more excited I get. I suppose it's a mix between starting with a clean slate with freshman students, actually knowing what I'm doing this year, and having time to do it all.

My freshman students tend to stare at me in wonder. I think it's mostly because they're not quite sure what to make of me yet. Am I funny? Am I scary? I'm just so loud and animated. But at least they laugh at my jokes. That's all I care about. :)

I'm getting to "team teach" this year. I'm only teaching one of the three sections of 9th grade World History so I've been working really closely with the other WH teacher. He's super smart and experienced in teaching the class so he has a ton of ideas and resources. It's nice to brain storm and have new things available. And he seems to enjoy working together too which is nice. Not everyone likes cooperative teaching.

I'm starting the trip planning part for MUN for this semester. We'll be going to Singapore and South Korea (for some reason, I almost wrote North). I actually KNOW what I'm doing!!! I know what students to choose, who deserves to go and who will be best. I know what hotel to stay at and how to get plane tickets. I know how to get to and from the airport. I have some ideas for sight seeing. I have chaperones planned and...well, it's just good.

On another note, I came home early today. Every day I've felt a little funny and today the cold hit full force. I cannot believe I'm sick during the first week of school. Ridiculous. I stayed for all my classes (it's just too much trouble to miss classes unless it's absolutely necessary) and left after my lunch meeting. It felt good to take a nap and watch a movie. I made a delicous dinner, mostly because that's all I'm doing these days, cooking. Even when I'm sick. A girl's got to eat. It's the dishes I hate. Those I will wait to do until tomorrow when my eyes aren't pounding.


Christine said...

sad you are sick:(
happy you are excited!
bummed you have to do dishes:(
pleased you are feeding yourself!
disturbed you nearly went to N.Korea(
delighted you know what you're doing!

Happy First Week of School!!

Grant-Grey Guda said...

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Hoping you have a wonderful week filled with inspiration and laughter,

Anonymous said...

Jen, I'm so sorry you are sick. It's a lousy way to start out the school year. But other than that, things sound like they are going really well. PTL! He is good.

You know my burning question, don't you? Is your team teacher married???? Ha! I think it could be helpful and fun to have someone to compare notes with.

It's nice that you have 9th graders who maybe don't have the preconceived expectations that your classes did last year. You can mold them and teach them to enjoy your American humor. (I have thought that humor must be a very culural things, and not all people find the same things funny. However, if you give students the evil eye while saying something funny, I think they will learn to laugh!)

Dad and I both stayed home for his birthday today. So far, I have made him a great breakfast (scrambled eggs, hash browns, ham, and green chili, aka: ham and green eggs). Tonight I will fix him friend chicken. He is a happpy man. And I am giving him unmentionables as gifts (if you call them "unmentionables," aren't you mentioning them?). He will get some other things later that he shops for himself--shoes & a razor. We will go buy groceries later so he can really have a chicken dinner with all the fixin's. Otherwise it will be hamburgers and fresh veggies. I would like that dinner more than he would.

I'm glad you and Dad caught each other on FaceBook.

Get well. Rest over the weekend.

Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen,
How have you been? It looks like you have been nonstop since you have been there, what an exciting life you have been living! We are all busy here, Heather and Lynzee have been working all summer so we haven't really had a summer in the sense that we have had a vacation. It is all good though. They leave for Bimingham on Monday the 23rd. Heather has a few friends over tonight for games and conversation, Garfield says Hi. Anyway we have a friend over that works with Garfield and she is traveling to Hong Kong around Aug 27-28th to visit her sister, we would love for you to meet her. Not sure what area she is going but I will give her the blog spot info if that is ok. Her name is Christabel.
Let me know however you communicate. this is all new for me.
Love ya
Holly and Family

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I just showed her the state and city you are in and we looked up to see compared to Hong Kong in which we found out you are not close to that area, as this you already know! Oh well.
Love to hear from you. Take care