Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dear Mom

I'm sitting on my bed 6,423 miles away from you (exactly...I Googled it), it's Mother's Day and I wish I were closer to you. I was trying to think of the last time I was home for this special occasion and I think it was 1999. Courtnii Almanzar and I decided to make a surprise "weekend" trip home to see our moms. Wow, that was a long time ago. Anyway, I've been thinking about you all day. Oh to be home and making you lunch or going to your favorite restaurant, giving you a gift, watching a movie with you.

Do you know I talk about you all the time? I tell people about how funny you are and what a good woman you are. You love your husband and kids more than they deserve. You are charming and thoughful and someday, I hope to be like you. These are the things I tell people.

Okay, and a few other things. Like how when you were a kid and stuffed a kitten into a paint can and put the lid on it thinking it would be a great way to carry a cat around. Or how you snuck into a neighbor's house and stole a popcicle only to get caught under a bed when they unexpectedly arrived home. Or how when you would help me with my math in junior high and we laughed and laughed about "rr". And that when we laugh together, it's the exactly the same, mine's just a little higher pitched. We harmonize well.

I also tell them, mostly my students, about how you threw candy AT us in school instead of TO us, many a poked eye were the results. That's always followed with how cool you were and how my friends loved you and that you were my favorite teacher.

You are a wonderful woman. I wish I was close enough to give you a long hug right now but I suppose that'll have to wait another year. Just know that I was thinking about you on this Mother's Day. I love you mom.



Lil J said...

Your mom sounds wonderful!

Momstheword said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.... that's so sweet, and true. I recall some of those "incidents" too. How about the time she and her younger sister were waiting in the car for your Grandma, and your mother tried to get her sister to stick her finger in the cigarette lighter because she "needed to learn to be brave so "when the Nazis came, she would not cave in."
At least I think it was the lighter. She was just trying to help :) And yes she is a wonderful woman.

Anonymous said...

Jen,I finally have read your Mother's Day comment. So sorry I didn't read it sooner. It brought me to tears as I'm sitting next to your dad while he is on his computer. He didn't see though. (;>

Your blog comment was most precious to me. Thank you. My second thought is, if you only knew the real me, you might think differently. But pretty much you do know the real me. I'm just glad you don't name the irritating, not so pretty things about me--too much talking, too much eating, not enough action of any kind.
Your comment when you sent the candy apple was very straight forward and not very mushy--sometimes you write very mushy things. But this blog comment of yours is definitely mushy. Very sweet. I love you.

I will tell you the people at work have gotten to where they do the "oh, no" type of comment when I makde jokes. It's the very kind of comment and look I used to get from you and Aaron and from my students--shades of old times!
I wish you were here too.

Yo Momma