Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Here We Go!!!!

Let the games begin. I leave for my new home, China, in about 41 hours. Bags are mostly packed, visa is in hand (not literally, I think it's on the kitchen table), new home address unmemorized (it’s in Chinese characters), and long list of 'things to do' to be completed before boarding my torturous 24 hour plane ride ( that's total travel time but will be split into three different flights).

Why China? Good question. The powers that be worked it out that way, I suppose. I've always wanted to live overseas, I'm a teacher, and I'm semi-adventurous. Okay, that's not exactly true. I hate doing new things. I'm the kind of person that dreams of doing these really great things but once the ball is rolling, I'm mad at myself for doing it. It's kind of like watching a scary movie. I always think I like watching scary movies, it's the thrill I suppose. I get all pumped about it. Then about 20 minutes in, I'm so mad at myself because I remember that I hate scary movies. But of course, I have to finish it (I'm a finisher). So by the end of this what seemed to be a great idea, I'm scared to death and angry. What's wrong with me??

Okay, moving to China isn't quite like that. I'm really excited about this new adventure. Yes, it's been a lot of work and very expensive but I know it'll be worth it. The process has been harder than expected, so many goodbyes, too many transitions, months living as a nomad, but the end of all that is in sight. Now the exciting part. A new apartment (by the beach and the mountains), a new job (teaching in an international school), a new roommate (who I've already met), a new city (one of the most beautiful in China), a new language (one of the hardest in the world)...

I have learned many things about my new country during these last few months of preparation. And after reading obsessively everything I can on the country, the people, the customs, the food, the travel, the living conditions, the mindset, and the government, I have come to one very important conclusion.

I am going to make an all-out, downright, full-blown, full-scale, out-and-out fool of myself. Utterly unreservedly, unintentionally, unashamedly.

And I'm inviting you to join me. You can live vicariously through me while laughing at all my blunders, silliness, and foolishness. I vow to share the embarrassing moments, the hilarious moments, the precious moments and even the hard moments while at the same time, giving you some insight into a little place known as "The Middle Kingdom".

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